Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brewing Technologies: An Introduction

     Hello and welcome to the first post of many that will attempt to expand your home-brewing knowledge of the mechanical and technological side of making beer. There are many cool gadgets that can be obtained for your own personal home brewing setups, all of which can hold individual functions that will affect the end result of your brewing process in adverse ways (some more than others). Over the span of this blog, I will try to bring you information on these systems that will ultimately help you simplify, expand or even start your own home brewing kits.
     One of the main worries of home brewing is that the costs of getting all of the said 'cool gadgets' can end up leaving you with a lot less money in your pocket, but that is not going to be the goal of these posts. Making pieces to your home brewing system by hand and at a relatively low cost can be a very satisfying experience, and there will be several guides and how-to's on making some of your own equipment.
     So once again, welcome to the beginning of the Home Brewing Brothers blog.

Stay classy.

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