Mission Statement

     Brian and Greg are brothers who have been united through the complete awesomeness of home brewing. Brian, who wants to eventually work in the brewing industry, is more focused on the beer itself and how the biological processes occurring in the fermentation tank effect the taste of the beer. Greg on the other hand is studying to be a mechanical engineer and is more focused on the brewing equipment and how to improve it. Together they make the Home Brewing Brothers! This blog is meant to bring both sides of their knowledge to the table in an attempt to inform home brewers throughout the world as well as learn from home brewers throughout the world. That's right, they want you to comment on their posts with suggestions or any way you can further the conversation! This is supposed to be an interactive blog, if you have questions then post them on here and either Brian or Greg will answer you as soon as possible.
      The main thing that anybody should take from this blog is a passion and burning excitement to home brew! It is a fun and rewarding hobby that everyone should try. Every city across America has a home brew store and you can even order supplies online. Go buy yourself a brewing book and begin your research; the amount of resources out there for home brewers is endless! Then once you feel comfortable go and pick yourself up a home brewing starter's kit and some ingredients and let the adventure begin! You will learn so much about beer and it will even allow you to start appreciating different commercially available beers because now you know the time and precision that it takes to craft each one of them.
     This is going to be fun covering all the different topics there are to talk about with brewing. From the Home Brewing Brothers to you, keep your glasses full and stay classy!

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